Fasciolopsis infestation according to Chinese Medicine

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A herbal formula that might help with fasciolopsis infestation

Hua Chong Wan

Source date: 1148 AD

Number of ingredients: 5 herbs

Key actions: Kills intestinal parasites.

Why might Hua Chong Wan help with fasciolopsis infestation?

Hua Chong Wan has sometimes been used by TCM professionals to alleviate the symptoms of fasciolopsis infestation

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Areca nut might help with fasciolopsis infestation

Why might Areca Nut (Bing Lang) help with fasciolopsis infestation?

Because it is a herb specifically indicated to treat fasciolopsis infestation as can be seen on Areca Nut's page.

Areca Nuts is a Warm herb that tastes Bitter and Pungent. It targets the Large intestine and the Stomach.

Its main actions are: Destroys parasites. Regulates Qi circulation. Promotes urination.

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Other symptoms often associated with fasciolopsis infestation

Intestinal parasites Taeniasis Ascariasis Abdominal pain Diarrhea Edema Malaria