Disorientation according to Chinese Medicine

A herbal formula that might help with disorientation

Sang Piao Xiao San

Source date: 1116 AD

Number of ingredients: 8 herbs

Key actions: Regulates and tonifies the Heart and Kidneys. Stabilizes the Essence. Stops leakage.

Why might Sang Piao Xiao San help with disorientation?

Because it is a formula often recommended to treat the pattern 'Bladder Deficiency with Cold' of which disorientation is a symptom.

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Acupuncture points used for disorientation

Praying Mantis Egg-Case might help with disorientation

Why might Praying Mantis Egg-Case (Sang Piao Shao) help with disorientation?

Because it is a key herb in Sang Piao Xiao San, a herbal formula indicated to treat the pattern '' (a pattern with disorientation as a symptom)

Praying Mantis Egg-Cases is a Neutral herb that tastes Salty and Sweet. It targets the Kidney and the Liver.

Its main actions are: Tonifies Kidneys and strengthens Yang. Restrains Essence and decreases urination.

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