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Breast sores can be the consequence of several so-called “patterns of disharmony” in Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine sees the body as a system, not a sum of isolated parts. A "pattern" is when the system's harmony is disrupted, leading to symptoms or signs that something is wrong (like breast sores here). It is similar to the concept of disease in Western Medicine but not quite: a Western disease can often be explained by several Chinese patterns and vice-versa.

Once identified, patterns are treated using medicinal herbs, acupuncture, and other therapies. In the case of breast sores we’ve identified that a herbal formula called Unblock Nursing Tea can help treat the patterns behind the symptom.

We’ve also selected below the two medicinal herbs that we think are most likely to help treat breast sores.

A herbal formula that might help with breast sores

Unblock Nursing Tea

Number of ingredients: 12 herbs

Key actions: Alleviates milk blockages and uneven supply issues*

Rating: from 123 customer reviews

Why might Unblock Nursing Tea help with breast sores?

Designed by Me & Qi's expert practitioners to tackle some of the patterns that can cause breast sores, Unblock Nursing Tea is a 100% natural and vegan product composed solely of the 12 herbs listed in its ingredients.

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The two Chinese Medicinal herbs most likely to help treat breast sores

Why might Green Tangerine Peel (Qing Pi) help with breast sores?

Because it is a herb specifically indicated to treat breast sores as can be seen on Green Tangerine Peel's page.

Green Tangerine Peel is a Warm herb that tastes Bitter and Pungent. It targets the Gallbladder, the Stomach and the Liver.

Its main actions are: Smooths the flow of Liver Qi and releases Stagnation. Reduces Food Stagnation. Dries Damp and reduces Phlegm.

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Why might Snake Gourd Seeds (Gua Lou Ren) help with breast sores?

Because it is a herb specifically indicated to treat breast sores as can be seen on Snake Gourd Seeds's page.

Snake Gourd Seeds is a Cold herb that tastes Sweet. It targets the Stomach, the Large intestine and the Lung.

Its main actions are: Cools and nourishes the Lungs. Regulates the Qi in the chest. Used externally, it assists the healing of Phlegm-Heat induced sores and abscesses. Moistens the Intestines.

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