Bone contracture according to Chinese Medicine

Garden Balsam might help with bone contracture

Why might Garden Balsam Stem (Tou Gu Cao) help with bone contracture?

Because it is a herb specifically indicated to treat bone contracture as can be seen on Garden Balsam Stem's page.

Garden Balsam Stems is a Cool herb that tastes Bitter and Pungent. It targets the Spleen, the Kidney and the Liver.

Its main actions are: Invigorates Blood and removes Blood Stagnation. Clear Toxic-Heat, cools the Blood and relieves pain. Drains Damp-Heat. Dispels Wind-Damp and relaxes the muscle and sinews.

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Other symptoms often associated with bone contracture

Trauma Bruising Swellings Sores Burns Carbuncles Acute jaundice Hepatitis Arthritis Arthralgia