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There is 1 pattern of disharmony in our database - Small Intestine Qi Pain - that is associated with abdominal pain relieved by flatulence. TCM sees our body (and mind) as a holistic system in which health issues stem from imbalances, known as "patterns of disharmony". These patterns can manifest in a wide range of symptoms and illnesses, such as abdominal pain relieved by flatulence here.

Small Intestine Qi Pain is a so-called "Full" pattern, which means it's typically an acute condition that results from an excess of certain pathological factors (e.g. "Heat" or "Dampness") or an accumulation of certain substances (like Blood or Yin), that overwhelm the body's defensive capabilities.

The causes that can lead to Small Intestine Qi Pain include:

  • Excessive consumption of cold and raw foods: Excessive consumption of cold and raw foods interferes with the Small Intestine transforming function.
  • Emotional strain: Since this pattern is closely associated with Liver Qi Stagnation, it is affected by the same emotions: anger, frustration and resentment.

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Small Intestine Qi Pain

Key attributes

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Chinese name: 小肠气痛      Pinyin Name: Xiǎo Cháng Qì Tòng

Pattern nature: Full


Precursor patterns: Liver Qi Stagnation

Common causes: 1. Excessive consumption of cold and raw foods, 2. Emotional strain


Treatment principle: Move Small Intestine-Qi, promote the smooth flow of Liver-Qi.

Common formulas: Chai Hu Shu Gan San