Large Intestine collapse

At a glance

Key attributes

Chinese name: 肠虚滑泄      Pinyin name: Cháng Xū Huá Xiè

Pattern nature: Empty


Precursor patterns: Spleen Qi Sinking

Common causes: Overwork


Common symptoms: Fatigue Cold limbs Haemorrhoids Anus prolapse Poor appetite and three other symptoms

Pulse type(s): Deep (Chen), Weak (Ruo), Fine (Xi)

Tongue description: pale tongue


Treatment principle: tonify Stomach and Spleen, raise Qi in the Large Intestine.

Common formulas: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang


Large Intestine Collapse is a kind of Qi Deficiency in the Large Intestine but the condition is much more severe than any normal Qi Deficiency. It is mostly caused by prolonged Spleen, Stomach and Large Intestine Qi Deficiency, or even Spleen Qi Sinking. All above patterns can give rise to chronic diarrhoea and anus prolapse. 

Due to the Yang Deficiency of the Stomach and the Spleen, the patients often experiences tiredness after bowel movements, lack of appetite, cold limbs and strong desire to drink warm water and abdomen massage. 


Precursor patterns: Large Intestine collapse can derive from Spleen Qi Sinking

Overwork : Prolonged overwork without proper rest can cause Spleen and Stomach Deficiency. As a result, the collapse of Large Intestine happens.

Diagnosing Large Intestine collapse

Pulse type(s): Deep (Chen), weak (Ruo) or fine (Xi)

Tongue description: pale tongue

Main symptoms: Fatigue Cold limbs Haemorrhoids Anus prolapse Poor appetite Chronic diarrhoea Mental exhaustion Thirst for warm drinks

Diagnosis commentary: Key characteristic symptoms of this pattern are the chronic diarrhoea and prolapse anus.

Treating Large Intestine collapse

Treatment principle

tonify Stomach and Spleen, raise Qi in the Large Intestine. 

Herbal formulas used to treat Large Intestine collapse

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

Source date: 1247

Number of ingredients: 10 herbs

Key actions: Tonifies Qi of the Spleen and Stomach (Middle Burner). Raises the Yang. Detoxifies. Lifts what has sunken.

Formula summary

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang is a 10-ingredient Chinese Medicine formula. Invented in 1247, it belongs to the category of formulas that tonify Qi.

Besides Large Intestine collapse, Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang is also used to treat Qi Deficiency or Qi Collapsing or Qi Sinking.

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