Heat in Gall Bladder

At a glance

Preliminary reading: What is a pattern?


Common symptoms: Thirst Nausea Epigastrium fullness Bitter taste in the mouth Stifling sensation in the chest and three other symptoms

Pulse type(s): Rapid (Shu), Wiry (Xian)

Tongue coating: Thick coating, Yellow coating

Tongue color: Red


Common formulas: Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang


Heat in Gall Bladder is a pattern of disharmony in Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Medicine views the human body as a complex system that tends toward harmony. A pattern of disharmony is a disorder that prevents that harmony from occurring.

Patterns give rise to symptoms that may at first glance seem unrelated from a Western standpoint but that actually make a lot of sense when one understands Chinese Medicine theory. For instance here Heat in Gall Bladder gives rise to such diverse symptoms as mild chills alternating with pronounced fever, bitter taste in the mouth, stifling sensation in the chest and spitting up bitter or sour fluids (as well as four others).

To diagnose a pattern, analyzing a patient's pulse as well as their tongue is common practice. In the case of Heat in Gall Bladder patients tend to exhibit rapid (Shu) or wiry (Xian) pulses as well as a red tongue with thick coating, yellow coating.

Patterns aren't exactly the Chinese Medicine equivalent to Western diseases, they're rather the underlying causes behind diseases or health conditions. Here Heat in Gall Bladder is thought to sometimes induce conditions such as hypertension, cholecystitis or pelvic inflammatory disease (as well as nine others).

Diagnosing Heat in Gall Bladder

Treating Heat in Gall Bladder

Herbal formulas used to treat Heat in Gall Bladder

Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang

Source date: Qing Dynasty

Number of ingredients: 10 herbs

Key actions: Clears Heat and relieves acute conditions of the Gallbladder. Relieves acute Damp-Heat syndromes. Resolves Phlegm. Harmonizes the Stomach.

Formula summary

Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang is a 10-ingredient Chinese Medicine formula. Invented in Qing Dynasty, it belongs to the category of formulas that harmonize lesser Yang-warp disorders.

Besides Heat in Gall Bladder, Hao Qin Qing Dan Tang is also used to treat Gallbladder Heat or Phlegm.

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