Xiongxiang SP-19

Chinese: 胸乡

Pinyin: Xiōng Xiāng


In the 3rd intercostal space, 6 cun lateral to the anterior midline. 

How to locate

The nipples usually falls into the 4th intercostal space, which is the same level at Tianxi SP-18.

Identify the 3rd intercostal space by counting 1 space up, or 2 spaces down from the clavicle. 

Xiongxiang SP-19 is on the 3rd intercostal space and 6 cun lateral to the anterior midline (or 2 cun lateral to the mammillary line). 

Main actions

  1. Regulates Qi and opens the chest
  2. Subdues Rebellious Qi


0.5–0.8 cun obliquely or transversely, parallel to the intercostal space, or with or against the channel pathway.

Caution: Pneumothorax.

Commentary for Xiongxiang SP-19

Xiongxiang SP-19 is not a major point of the Spleen Channel. Its main function is to open the chest by regulating and invigorating Qi. Typical manifestations are body stiffness and fullness in the chest and the lateral costal area, which then radiates to the back. 

It also subdues Rebellious Qi in the chest, characterized by coughing and breathlessness.