Laogong P-8

Chinese: 劳宫

Pinyin: Láo Gōng


In the center of the palm, between the 2nd and the 3rd metacarpal bones, proximal to the metacarpophalangeal joint. 

How to locate

Make a loose fist and locate Laogong P-8 at the tip of the middle finger, between the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones. The point is slightly closer to the 3rd metacarpal bone. 


Main actions

  1. Clears Heart Fire
  2. Calms the Mind
  3. Restores consciousness


Vertically 0.3–0.5 cun.

Caution: Thinner needles should be used as needling this point can be painful.

Commentary for Laogong P-8

Laogong P-8 is the most useful Pericardium Channel point in clearing various of Fire, especially in the Heart

The typical manifestations of Heart Fire Blazing are heart pain, tongue ulcers, thirst, insomnia and agitation. P-8 is particularly effective for these symptoms. 

It also calms the Mind, thus treats symptoms like manic behavior, fright, anxiety and mental restlessness. 

Finally, it cools Blood and restores consciousness in the situation of acute febrile diseases. In these cases, the pathologic Heat invades the Nutritive Qi or Blood level of the Four Levels Theory, giving rise to impaired consciousness, agitation, mental restlessness, delirium, cold hands, night fever, dry mouth, coughing or vomiting of blood and macules.