Kouheliao LI-19

Chinese: 口禾髎

Pinyin: Kǒu Hé Liáo


Directly below the lateral margin of the nostril, level with Renzhong DU-26

How to locate

Divide the distance between the nostril and the upper lip into three section. Renzhong DU-26 is located on the anterior midline, at the junction of the upper and the middle third. 

Kouheliao LI-19 is at the same level as DU-26, 0.5 cun lateral to it. 

Main actions

Expels Wind


Obliquely 0.3–0.5 cun.


Commentary for Kouheliao LI-19

Kouheliao LI-19 is not a major point. Its main function is to expel Wind so as to open the nose passage.