Erjian LI-2

Chinese: 二间

Pinyin: Èr Jiān


On the radial side of the index finger, distal to the metacarpophalangeal joint, at the junction of the white and red skin. 

How to locate

This point will be easier to find if the index finger is relaxed in a slightly flexed position. Palpate the border between the red and white skin along the shaft of the second proximal phalangeal bone towards the metacarpophalangeal joint until the angle between the base and the shaft of the bone can be clearly felt.

Erjian LI-2 is located at the junction of the shaft and the base and slightly below the most external curvature of the bone. 

Main actions

  1. Clears Heat
  2. Expels Wind-Heat
  3. Removes Channel Stagnation


0.2–0.5 cun obliquely in a proximal direction or distal in a slightly palmar direction.

Commentary for Erjian LI-2

Erjian LI-2 clears Interior Heat from the Large Intestine. The typical symptoms are constipation, dry stools, fever and abdominal pain. 

It also expels Exterior Wind-Heat in acute cases, so that it can treat manifestations such as aversion to cold such as cold shivering or fever. 

Finally it eases pain and stiffness of the shoulder and back by removing the obstruction of the Channel.