Duiduan DU-27

Chinese: 兑端

Pinyin: Duì Duān


On the midline, at the junction of the philtrum and the upper lip. 

How to locate

Duiduan DU-27 is located at the junction of the upper lip and the philtrum. 


Main actions

  1. Clears Heat
  2. Benefits the mouth
  3. Calms the Mind


0.2-0.3 cun obliquely in a superior direction. 

Commentary for Duiduan DU-27

Duihuan DU-27 is mostly used to clear Heat so as to benefit the mouth and nose. Therefore, it is able to treat symptoms such as mouth ulcers, bad breath, painful gums, swelling and stiffness of the lips as well as some nose related disorders. 

Like many Governing Vessel points on the head, it is also able to expel Interior Wind so as to treat depression, epilepsy or lockjaw.