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Why is our method so effective?

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In one word: experience. We've helped thousands of nursing moms over the years.

While no method is ever 100%, we've isolated the 3 most importants steps any mother can take to increase her milk supply.

Our method works on all nursing moms. It doesn't matter if you're just starting to breastfeed or if your supply is decreasing after breastfeeding for a while.

Our results speak for themselves: 95% of moms who gave our method a try found it effective

Step 1: drink Milk Boost Tea

Of course we're biased: Milk Boost Tea is our product.

Thing is, we started selling Milk Boost Tea only after we experienced first-hand how incredibly effective it is.

Our founder Junjun is a nursing mother too, with two lovely daughters whom she breastfed until they were 2 years old. Like many mothers she struggled with her supply until she found a traditional herbalist in China who recommended an ancient mix of 13 natural plants that would help.

She drunk the plants as a tea and within less than 2 days her supply had almost doubled! She was so impressed that she decided to switch career: she started commercializing Milk Boost Tea with the exact same 13 plants recipe that transformed her breastfeeding. The rest is history!

Since then we've had thousands of women try Milk Boost Tea all over the world. Their experience has largely been the same as Junjun's with incredible results. We're especially proud of the many moms who were on the edge of giving up but decided to keep breastfeeding after discovering Milk Boost Tea.

If you suffer from a severe shortage of milk we recommend you start by drinking up to 3 tea bags of Milk Boost Tea a day. It's important you re-use each tea bag 3 times. Our herbal tea contains some plants with essential elements that only get released into the water at the second or third cup. This means you'll need to drink up to 9 cups of Milk Boost Tea a day for the first couple of days. What most of our customers do is simply drink Milk Boost Tea all day long during the first few critical days.

After you've seen your supply increase to a level you're confortable with, we recommend you reduce your consumption to 1 tea bag a day. This will help you keep producing a steady amount of milk.

Don't worry: Milk Boost Tea is made of 100% pure natural plants. We do not add anything to it and we rigorously lab-test our teas to ensure they remain beneficial to you and your baby.

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Step 2: breastfeed or pump steadily

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Your body is an amazing machine: if you request more milk, it shall provide. But it's important you speak to your body in the right way.

The key to letting your body understand how much milk you need is to establish a steady breastfeeding or pumping rhythm. Typically your baby will define the rhythm: breastfeed them often and on-demand (typically every 2 to 3 hours for a newborn) and keep at it. You will see that bit by bit your baby will ask for milk at the same times. Your body will in turn understands it needs to produce milk for those times.

If you choose to pump or do half-half it's the same story: pump at a regular rhythm so as to teach your body when to produce milk.

You can breastfeed or pump on both breasts every time or alternate breasts between feedings: both techniques are fine but once you choose one keep doing it the same way so your body learns to adapt. You need to leave time to your body to understand when to produce milk for which breast.

The key here is the power of habits. If you keep changing habits all the time, your body gets confused and this negatively impacts your milk production .

Also, it goes without saying, make sure your baby latches properly and gets fed until they’re full and satisfied. It's suprisingly common to see moms think they don't produce enough milk but in fact the root cause lies with their baby not latching properly. If your baby doesn't latch properly, they don't get a lot of milk from you and your body in turns understands that it doesn't need to produce a lot.

Lastly if you ever want to change your breastfeeding/pumping schedule, do so progressively to let your body adapt to the new rhythm. If for instance you wish to wean your baby from night feedings, transform 3 nightly breastfeeding sessions into 2 for a couple of days, then into 1 for another couple of days and then finally into zero. A change of habits that's too sudden risks confusing your body and in turn might lead to a decreased milk production.

Step 3: no stress!

Zen plant

Easier said than done, especially when dealing with a newborn and the associated lack of sleep.

Still, it's extremely important: over-stressed moms will not only produce much less milk but they're also more likely to develop nreastfeeding complications like clogged ducts or mastitis.

While we don't have a magic formula against stress, we can give you a couple of pointers we've seen work with other moms.

First pointer: enroll the help of your partner. Dealing with a baby is a lot. So many new tasks appear in your life: changing your baby, playing with them, feeding them, etc. If you tackle all of that on your own you're much more likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new stuff to do. Dividing tasks with your partner is a great way to take some of the load off.

If your partner is unavailable because of their work or for some other reason, look for help elsewhere: with your parents or in-laws, a child-care specialist or anyone who might be susceptible to help. The important thing is to take some of the load off, for at least a few hours a day.

Second pointer: try to get some sleep. Sleep depravation is a key reason behind a new mom's stress: when tired you're more emotional and that necessarly wears you down. Also a sleep-deprived mom will have less energy even though she needs loads of it to produce milk.

Again, your partner might be able to help here. Many couples divide nights in two where you're responsible for feedings from say 10pm to 4am and your partner from 4am until you wake up. That's a good system that enables you to get at least one long strech of sleep.

Consider taking naps with your baby as well. There's this saying "sleep when the baby sleeps" that has some merit: your baby sleeps a lot so there's no reason you should be sleep deprived if you follow their lead from time to time.


In our experience if you apply the 3 steps described above, you milk supply situation should improve very fast. To summarize:

  1. Drink Milk Boost Tea. Start with 3 tea bags a day (9 cups) and reduce to 1 tea bag when your milk supply is at a level you're confortable with.
  2. Breastfeed or pump steadily. Your body needs to learn when to produce milk: with a steady rhythm you let it adapt to your needs.
  3. Avoid stress. Stress directly impacts your milk production. Get help from those close to you so you don't do everything yourself and can get enough sleep.
Milk Boost Tea's specifications
Product name: Milk Boost Tea
Function: Promotes healthy breast milk production
Price: $11.95 per box, after discount
Dimensions: 5.5 in. (14cm) x 3.5 in. (9cm) X 2.8 in. (7cm) per box
Weight: 4.74 OZ (134g) per box
Servings: 42 servings (14 tea bags) per box
Directions: Drink like a normal tea. Feel free to add honey or sugar. Start by drinking up to 3 tea bags a day (re-using each tea bag 3 times) if there is a severe lack of milk. Reduce progressively to 1 tea bag.
Ingredients: Flowering quince, Poria-cocos mushroom, Kudzu root, Sponge gourd, Dong quai, Rose flowers, Angular solomon's seal root, Liquorice, King solomon's seal root, Cinnamon bark, Amomum fruit, Yam, Longan

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